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In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)

SiaMed’Xpress has been the coordinator of the ANR-BiotecS TSH Testing (2011-2014). The project aimed at pioneering standardization of TSH immunoassays through a serum-like TSH standard. For this purpose, the company produced serum-like TSH and developed innovative immunoassays.

< Modeling of TSH structure. Alpha-subunit bears two N-glycans (in blue) and beta-subunit a single N-glycan (in green). Terminal sialic acid is represented in purple.


SiaMed’Xpress develops glycoengineered cells with highly active sialyltransferases (in green) to produce glycoproteins with serum-like glycosylation (in red). With an experience in antibody engineering, the company develops long lasting molecules based on glyco-optimized profile.

< Left: mAb produced in CHO cells.
< Right: glyco-optimized mAb engineered with
SiaMed’Xpress technology.

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